Traditional Kalari Marmma Chikitsa, Training & Perfomance in KALARI PAYATTU (Indian Martial Arts)



Treatments :

  • Chavitty Uzhichil (Foot Massage) :

        The accumulation of massage, acupressure, Marmma Abhyangam etc preformed by the feet of the therapist over the patients body is called Chavitty Uzhichil. This is dominantly performed for Rejuvenation, Vitality, Lower back ache, Vatha Roga, for sports suppleness in person, dancers, to provoke marmma points, to keep sapta dhatu in balance, to provoke the 6 chakras, for blood enhance circulation, to correct periodical imbalance, to increase body flexibility and mental strength etc.

Very experienced Kalaripayattu teachers and champions are doing the foot massage in Aswini

  • Pizhichil :

      Warm herbal oils poured over whole body. The most exclusive Kerala methods of treatment for curing nervous system disorders & effective in chronic case of vatha borne diseases, post traumatic pain, inflammation & stiffness of joints etc.


Panchakarma Treatment:

  • Vamanam:

    artificial emesis of doshas through mouth.

  • Virechanam:

    Elimination of doshas through anal orifice.

  • Nasyam:

    Oil administered through nostil to eliminate doshas of upper respiratory tract, cervical spondylosis etc.

  • Vasti:

    Predominates the panchakarma therapies, prescribed for all vatha roga, overcomes all diseases & rejuvenates the body.

  • Raktamoksham:
    Impure blood letting in specific skin disorders, blood
    purification etc.



  • Ela kizhi (Herbal Leaves) :

        Swedana (or) Fomentations therapy done with boluses containing herbal leaves for rejuvenation to muscular system rheumatism etc.

  • Podi Kizhi (Herbal Powders) :

        Swedana (or) Fomentations therapy done with boluses containing herbal powders for joint paints, relief the marmma, stiffness of the muscles & sprains etc.

  • Njavara Kizhi :

        Fomentations therapy with special Kerala boluses containing rice cooked with kashay for relieving joint stiffness, polio and emaciation, sluggishness

  • Sarvanga-Dhara:

Kashay oil dhara (stream) pored all over the body except the head

  • Shirodhara:

        Oil (or) Kashay (or) Takra dhara: pour stream of lukewarm temperature on the forehead of insomania, facial palsy, stress, paraplegia, improvement of sensory organs, Psoriasis etc.

  • Netradhara:

            Dhara procedure for cleaning of eyes.

  • Shirovasti:

        Lukewarm herbal oil poured into a special leather cap fitting on the head for partial paralysis, speech disorder, brain clotting, mental disorders, etc.

  • Netra Vasti:

      Therapyu for strenuous eyes etc using medical ghee.

  • Hrid Vasti:

        Therapy done for trauma to Hrid-Marmma i.e Hypertension etc.

  • Kati Vasti:

        Procedure done exclusively for specific back problems.

  • Uzhichil (Abhyangam) :

        General full body massage with herbal oils according to body constitution.

  • Swedanam:

        Full body steam therapy followed by Abhyangam for obesity etc.

  • Udvarthanam:

       Full body massage with medicated powder for weight loss, rejuvenation etc.